PETRONAS & AIQ: Global AI for Sustainable Energy

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PETRONAS and AIQ have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at sharing their expertise in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. These solutions have the potential to expedite the energy transition and promote sustainability within energy operations.

AIQ, known for its pioneering work in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive transformation in the industrial sector, is a key player in this collaboration.

The collaboration between PETRONAS and AIQ will tap into their extensive knowledge of the energy industry to foster digital innovation. This partnership will encompass various aspects, including the exchange of insights, the creation of value, joint endeavours in product development and commercialisation, enhancement of capabilities, and engineering efforts.

A key highlight of this collaboration involves joint efforts in piloting and testing AI solutions. This initiative aims to unearth viable applications and use cases across different business verticals within the global energy sector.

Additionally, PETRONAS and AIQ will collaboratively establish best practices and frameworks for AI and Advanced Analytics, ensuring high standards of operational and commercial excellence throughout their collaborative projects.

Aadrin Azly, Vice President of PETRONAS Group Technology and Commercialisation, expressed anticipation for the partnership: "We are excited about our collaboration with AIQ as we work together to synergise our capabilities. This endeavour aligns seamlessly with our vision for the AI Centre of Excellence (AI CoE) and our broader goals of enhancing operational efficiency and productivity through AI integration."

Omar Al Marzooqi, CEO of AIQ, highlighted the significance of such partnerships in driving progress within the energy sector: "AIQ takes pride in forming strategic alliances with industry leaders like PETRONAS, propelling the Energy sector's digital transformation journey towards a more sustainable future. In the face of climate-related challenges, innovative and effective solutions are imperative. Collaborations like these ensure that cutting-edge digital solutions are accessible to all industry stakeholders."

Beyond AI-driven solutions, PETRONAS and AIQ have ambitious plans to implement initiatives focused on enhancing workforce capabilities and expertise. This commitment underscores their dedication to fostering continuous growth and development within their respective organisations.

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