Orthex's SmartStore™ Compact Storage Products Now Use Renewable Raw Materials

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Orthex wants to provide customers with the option of purchasing environmentally friendly products and has begun using renewable raw materials in the manufacture of its popular SmartStore™ Compact and Compact Clear storage boxes.

The raw materials needed are created using a method known as mass balance. According to the mass balance approach, renewable materials are combined with fossil materials during the raw material production process. It reduces the amount of plastic made from fossil fuels in the world.

The mass balance method is a calculating principle. In the manufacturing process, renewable feedstocks obtained from organic waste or vegetable oils are combined with fossil feedstock. The recycled or renewable raw material can be assigned to certain products by keeping track of the quantities throughout the entire production chain. Independent bodies examine how the volumes of sustainable raw materials are distributed to the final product.

The benefits of the mass balance principle are significant. The raw materials remain unchanged in terms of properties and benefits, including compliance with food contact regulations. Manufacturers can process them with their existing methods. And consumers can use the products as they would use Orthex's traditional products, with all the same high qualities and benefits. The whole value chain contributes to a total reduction of fossil feedstock inputs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Orthex CEO Alexander Rosenlew, said: 

“This new raw material solution by INEOS Styrolution and BASF will support our long-term carbon neutrality target and make it possible for us to offer consumers more sustainable products. This supports our target to increase the share of sustainable raw materials in our production to 80% by 2030.”

CMO Hanna Kukkonen said: 

"From now on, at least 20% of the plastic in our SmartStore™ Compact products is linked to an ISCC+ certified bio-based source. By choosing an ISCC+ certified product, you help us and the entire plastics industry move towards better plastic, one product at a time. SmartStore™ Compact is a choice for the environment."

Source: Orthex Group

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