Origin Materials and Revlon Collaborate to Develop PET Packaging

Published on: 21 July 2022
by KnowESG

Origin Materials and Revlon have partnered to produce carbon-neutral materials for the packaging of next-generation cosmetics. Revlon has signed a memorandum of understanding to reserve commercial volumes of Origin PET as part of the programme.

The aim is to rapidly develop and commercialise novel sustainable materials for cosmetics packaging based on Origin's patented technology platform. 

The created materials will help Revlon's sustainability initiatives, which include Revlon's objective of fostering responsible and ethical sourcing procedures to handle the risks and complexities of a complex global supply chain.

Keyla Lazardi, chief scientific officer with Revlon, said: "Revlon’s initiative with Origin Materials will allow consumers at all price points to access sustainable, plant-based packaging."

WWP Beauty, a full-service provider to the worldwide beauty market, has introduced two new packaging lines, Cristal One Renew and Cristal Renew, made by Eastman. 

Since 2021, when WWP Beauty got its International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), the two firms have collaborated to ensure that the molecular recycled content of products can be traced throughout the whole development cycle, from creation to manufacturing.

Recently deployed by the Estée Lauder Companies is a system that applies heat and cool technology to its manufacturing systems, thereby accelerating the production process and reducing waste.

Roctool's heat and cool technology may be applied to several industrial processes, enhancing surface finishes without requiring additional procedures to embellish or create the materials. 

According to ELC, it will reduce the number of processes required to manufacture its products, allowing the company to continue making progress toward its sustainability objectives.

Source: Environmental Leader

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