OpenX, Cedara Partner on Carbon Emissions Solution

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OpenX Technologies, Inc., a prominent player in the omnichannel supply-side platform landscape, has announced a significant partnership with Cedara, the esteemed Carbon Intelligence Platform.

This collaborative effort marks a pivotal moment as OpenX becomes the inaugural digital advertising company to incorporate automated emissions measurement into its campaigns. It also offers a means to substantially diminish campaign emissions and introduces a tailored carbon offset portfolio solution through Cedara's platform.

This strategic alliance combines Cedara's prowess in media emissions reduction and offset capabilities with OpenX's distinguished position as the pioneering Net-Zero adtech enterprise.

Consequently, this partnership takes the helm of the industry's sustainability drive, offering top-tier solutions for emissions measurement and reduction, not only at the corporate level but also within the realm of media distribution.

The seamlessly integrated solution empowers buyers in various ways:

  • Align organisational emissions data with media purchases.

  • Gain access to meticulously curated and third-party-certified projects.

  • Attain transparency and the ability to tailor offset strategies through the creation of personalised offset portfolios.

  • Effortlessly integrate and assess emissions originating from OpenX's campaigns.

Cedara stands at the forefront of providing automated, omnichannel emissions measurement and in-depth business insights encompassing both organisational and campaign-level emissions for advertisers and the media supply chain. Paired with OpenX's extensive media activity data, this collaboration establishes a clear and precise framework for emissions measurement, fostering a genuinely sustainable supply chain for buyers.

Eric Shih, COO at Cedara, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to partner with OpenX, as they have a long-term commitment to sustainability and are consistent innovators. Our partnership gives buyers an end-to-end, sustainable programmatic product that they simply can’t get anywhere else."

Joseph Worswick, VP EMEA and Head of Global Sustainability at OpenX, added, "With Cedara, we can offer an end-to-end solution that enables brands to measure the impact of their digital activity and provides control over and transparency into how and where quality offsets are used while delivering performance across our publisher portfolio. In keeping with OpenX’s commitment to our own emissions reduction, we’re excited to see more businesses successfully build sustainability solutions, as it shows the demand for digital advertising is growing."

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Source: OpenX


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