onsemi, Sineng Electric Drive Sustainable Energy Dev.

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onsemi, a prominent player in intelligent power and sensing technologies, has made an announcement regarding its collaboration with Sineng Electric.

The integration of onsemi EliteSiC silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and IGBT-based high-density power integrated modules (PIMs) into Sineng Electric's utility-scale solar inverter and innovative 200kW energy storage system (ESS) will take place. Together, the companies have developed optimised solutions to enhance the performance of solar inverters, energy storage, and power conversion systems.

This partnership has resulted in the launch of a utility-scale solar string inverter by Sineng, offering a simplified design, reduced maintenance costs, and decreased downtimes compared to centralised inverter solutions. Furthermore, onsemi's highly efficient single-stage PIM with multi-level topology integrated into the 200kW ESS enables industry-leading system efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership.

Qiang Wu, chairman of Sineng Electric, expressed appreciation for onsemi's support in addressing complex technical challenges, including system-level design, simulations, thermal analysis, and the creation of sophisticated control algorithms. The integration of the EliteSiC technology allows Sineng Electric to develop cutting-edge renewable energy solutions tailored to their customer's requirements. The comprehensive SiC supply chain provided by onsemi ensures a reliable supply for long-term growth.

Continuing their collaboration, both companies aim to develop new high-power products that will enable a broader range of renewable energy solutions. Sineng Electric plans to adopt more EliteSiC products, capitalising on their efficiency and scalability.

Asif Jakwani, senior vice president and general manager of the Advanced Power Division at onsemi, highlighted the joint efforts to deliver industry-leading solutions for sustainable energy applications. The combination of onsemi's high-performance products and Sineng Electric's power electronics system design expertise will play a vital role in society's transition toward a net-zero emissions future.

The existing long-term supply agreement (LTSA) between the two companies, signed in late 2022, is expected to be extended, further demonstrating their commitment to collaboration and innovation.

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