Nexus PMG Raises $50M for Sustainable Growth

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Nexus PMG, a leader in waste-to-value and low-carbon infrastructure, has successfully raised $50 million in a growth equity round.

The investment, led by Greenbacker Capital Management LLC, along with participation from Ontario Power Generation Pension Fund and Liberty Mutual Insurance, marks a significant milestone for the company. With over a decade of experience in the sector, Nexus PMG plans to use the funds to expand its services business and accelerate project development across North America.

Navigating the complex landscape of sustainable fuels and waste-to-value asset classes requires expertise. Nexus PMG's services business has already provided support to over 80 investors and advised on more than 500 infrastructure assets.

With the new capital infusion, the company aims to enhance its core service offerings, such as front-end engineering and design, development-as-a-service, and operational turnaround. Leveraging its extensive knowledge, Nexus PMG will also focus on developing greenfield and brownfield assets throughout North America, targeting emissions reduction in industries like chemicals production and aviation.

Quinn Pasloske, a Principal at Greenbacker, expressed confidence in Nexus PMG's strategy, stating, "The transformation of waste infrastructure and the production of low-carbon fuels is a critical component of the global energy transition, but the assets are challenging. Nexus PMG is well-equipped to assist clients in navigating those complexities while advancing its independent platforms and assets."

Currently serving more than 100 investors, developers, and corporations with a collective $300 billion of energy transition assets under management and $1 trillion of global assets under management, Nexus PMG is positioned for growth.

The company has already contributed to the development and execution of over $35 billion worth of low-carbon infrastructure projects across multiple states in the US, as well as 13 countries and five continents. With a decade of expertise in low-carbon infrastructure, Nexus PMG plans to expand its team, broaden its offerings, and cater to industry demands.

Ryan Bisch, a board member of Nexus, highlighted the importance of green molecule infrastructure in the energy transition, stating, "Nexus is at the forefront of building and optimising this type of infrastructure. The company can develop new assets and revitalise existing ones to produce cost-competitive molecules that can reduce or even eliminate harmful greenhouse gases."

Through its subsidiaries, Nexus W2V and Pathway Energy, the company is actively developing greenfield infrastructure assets. Nexus W2V focuses on converting organic waste streams into renewable natural gas, compost products, and biochar, while Pathway Energy specialises in ultra-low-carbon intensity sustainable aviation fuel production, leveraging carbon sequestration. Both subsidiaries anticipate commercialising these assets in the coming years.

Ben Hubbard, CEO of Nexus PMG, emphasised the importance of waste-to-value asset classes in achieving energy transition goals. "Helping corporates in those waste-to-value asset classes is essential to achieving our larger energy transition goals, and now, as an institutionally backed firm, we're looking forward to expanding our team to meet a growing demand for low-carbon infrastructure subject matter expertise," he stated.

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Source: Nexus PMG


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