Macquarie Launches Aula Energy for Onshore Renewables

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Macquarie Asset Management has unveiled Aula Energy, a fresh onshore renewable energy venture, leveraging the company's extensive 17-year history of investing in the renewable energy sector.

Aula Energy combines this track record with a skilled local team adept at developing and commercialising onshore renewables. The objective is to establish a robust, long-term enterprise that addresses future energy requirements by employing leading-edge capabilities to originate, develop, construct, and operate utility-scale wind, solar, and integrated batteries in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Chad Hymas, boasting two decades of experience in the energy industry, will spearhead Aula Energy. His expertise spans strategy, growth, regulation, operations, and finance. Mr. Hymas envisions Aula Energy as a premier independent power producer in Australia and New Zealand, emphasising trust and commitment to sustainable energy for the future.

The cornerstone of Aula Energy's strategy lies in fostering enduring partnerships for the sustainable development of assets, prioritising long-term relationships and meaningful collaboration in project development.

Lachlan Creswell, the head of Macquarie Asset Management's specialist Green Investments team for Australia and New Zealand, highlights Aula Energy's role in diversifying and expanding the onshore portfolio.

Aula Energy provides investors, both Australian and international, with exposure to a distinctive and diversified portfolio, a significant development amid the growing demand from commercial and industrial off-takers in the renewable energy markets. The team's long-term partnership approach, backed by access to long-term capital, positions Aula Energy for success.

Aula Energy's initial portfolio encompasses planned projects with an anticipated capacity of 4 GW, spanning every state in Australia, each with grid connection potential. Specific projects include the Boulder Creek Wind Farm near Rockhampton, Queensland, with construction slated to commence in 2024.

The portfolio also features large-scale onshore wind farms in Western Australia totalling up to 2.4 GW, developed in partnership with Green Wind Renewables. Projects in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania are part of the expected portfolio, with details to be disclosed as they progress.

Aula Energy's business model is comprehensive, covering the entire project lifecycle from development and construction to ownership and operation. The platform is designed to adapt to evolving customer requirements, technologies, markets, and policies. It complements Macquarie Asset Management's suite of specialist businesses, responding to the rising demand for investment opportunities in diversified renewable portfolios globally. Notable additions to this suite include Blue Leaf Energy, Cero Generation, Corio Generation, and Eku Energy.

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