Korean Air and LX Pantos Boost Cargo SAF Use

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Korean Air has joined forces with LX Pantos, a global logistics company, in a strategic partnership aimed at expanding the adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on cargo flights, ultimately working towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

The collaboration was formalised through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the Korean Air headquarters yesterday. The ceremony was attended by key figures such as Jaedong Eum, Senior Vice President, and Head of Cargo Business Division at Korean Air, and Keun Taek Oh, Vice President, and Head of Air Freight Business Unit at LX Pantos.

To combat climate change, Korean Air initiated a cargo SAF programme in September, encouraging air cargo customers and forwarders to make personalised contributions towards reducing their carbon footprint. LX Pantos, as the inaugural partner in this initiative, is actively working with Korean Air to contribute significantly to the global aviation industry's collective goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Both entities have committed to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in the cargo industry and raising awareness about the usage of SAF within Korea. As part of the agreement, LX Pantos will procure SAF for Korean Air's cargo operations, and Korean Air will transparently disclose the corresponding reduction in carbon emissions.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Eum stated, "We are delighted to welcome LX Pantos as our first partner in the joint initiative for the future of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Together, we hope to cooperate closely to expedite the commercialisation of SAF, a common goal in the aviation industry, and enhance awareness of SAF utilisation in the Korean market."

Highlighting the critical importance of decarbonisation in the air logistics industry, Mr. Oh remarked, "Decarbonising the air logistics industry is a key survival factor for the future. LX Pantos will strengthen its ESG activities and take a leading role in creating a sustainable logistics environment through cooperation with Korean Air on SAF.”

Korean Air is actively involved in establishing the necessary infrastructure for SAF utilisation within the domestic aviation sector. In a significant move in September 2022, the airline inked an agreement with Shell to procure SAF at major airports in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East from 2026 to 2031.

Additionally, Korean Air is conducting a series of six test flights using SAF between September and November this year, with plans to share the outcomes with the government. This collaborative effort aims to inform the government's decisions regarding SAF blending ratios and quality standards based on the test flight results.

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Source: Korean Air


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