KBR Proprietary Technology Chosen to Produce Environmentally Friendly Paints

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Asian Paints Limited has chosen KBR's Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) technology for a grassroots production facility in India.

Under the terms of the agreement, KBR will provide technology licencing, basic engineering, proprietary equipment, and catalyst for a 100,000-ton-per-year VAM facility. KBR's VAM technology is available in collaboration with Showa Denko K.K. in Japan.

"We are excited to support Asian Paints' vision to produce environmentally friendly paints using our VAM technology," said Doug Kelly, KBR president, Technology. "In addition to delivering a sustainable solution, this project will drive significant cost efficiencies for Asian Paints by integrating their manufacturing and supply chain and reducing the import of raw materials."

KBR has more than 50 years of experience giving petrochemical operators the technologies, flexible solutions, and knowledge they need to make ethylene, propylene, acetyls, phenolics, vinyls, and other specialty products safely and efficiently from a wide range of feedstocks.

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Source: PRNewswire