Green Tech Partnership: Enerkem & Technip Energies

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KnowESG_Enerkem and Technip Energies partnership on waste to biofuel technology
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Enerkem Inc. and Technip Energies have forged a remarkable alliance, signing a memorandum of understanding to establish a Collaboration Agreement.

Their joint mission is to accelerate the implementation of Enerkem's groundbreaking technology platform, which converts non-recyclable waste materials into biofuels and circular chemical products.

Enerkem is renowned for its expertise in developing and commercialising gasification technology, which effectively transforms non-recyclable waste into essential biofuels and low-carbon fuels.

This innovation is particularly crucial for hard-to-abate industries like sustainable aviation and marine fuels. The company has already demonstrated its prowess through a commercial-scale facility operating in Alberta, Canada, since 2016. Additionally, Enerkem is actively involved in constructing new waste-to-methanol facilities in both Canada and Europe.

Leveraging their extensive experience in executing bio and low-carbon fuel projects worldwide, Technip Energies will contribute its engineering, technology integration, and project delivery knowledge to support Enerkem's ventures.

This strategic partnership is set to enhance Enerkem's project delivery capabilities, expediting their efforts to achieve their goals. A key aspect of this collaboration will be optimising design elements and industrialising approaches through the replication of successful Enerkem projects for the future.

To further facilitate the swift deployment of their technology, Enerkem is planning to establish a Development Company (DevCo). This entity's primary purpose will be to acquire suitable sites and secure relevant permits for the replicable methanol biorefinery design. Such an initiative will be instrumental in supporting the production of bio and low-carbon fuels, as well as circular chemicals.

Dominique Boies, CEO of Enerkem, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Technip Energies, which will significantly boost Enerkem's technology deployment efforts across Europe, North America, and the Middle East. With Technip Energies' extensive expertise, Enerkem's clients can benefit from faster project implementation and cost efficiencies, ultimately supporting their decarbonisation initiatives and sustainability goals.

Bhaskar Patel, SVP Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals, and Circularity of Technip Energies, shared his excitement about collaborating with Enerkem on the technology platform deployment. Their joint efforts will lead to the conversion of waste into valuable and sustainable end products, such as biofuels. Technip Energies' profound knowledge in engineering, sustainable chemistry, and biofuels projects will play a crucial role in supporting project execution and Enerkem's technology advancements.

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