FRESH!PACKING, Mondi Collaborate to Develop Recyclable Consumer Cooler Bag

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Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, teamed up with FRESH!PACKING to develop an innovative cooler bag that consumers can use to protect and transport chilled or frozen goods home.

The outer layer of the Fresh!Bag is made entirely of Mondi's durable kraft paper. This takes the place of the old packaging, which was made of different materials and couldn't be recycled. It also makes the cooling protection up to 2.5 times better.

The bag's cooling element is made of pulp and is encased in Mondi's kraft paper. The paper is very stretchy, which makes it easy to sew together the many layers to make a strong bag. The bag is highly tear-resistant and can handle enormous weights and sizes.

The Fresh!Bag's handle adds to the user's safety and ease of use by looping easily around itself to make an open seal.

The bags are strong and can be reused by the consumer several times. Mondi's kraft paper also has good printability for retailers' branding and messaging. Fresh!Bag recently won the German packaging award 2022 in the "Functionality & Convenience" category. The bag will now be distributed throughout Europe by FRESH!PACKING.

Alexander Baars, International Sales Manager Speciality Kraft Paper, Mondi, said:

"Fresh!Bag provides a genuinely exciting opportunity for retailers; it responds to the consumer demand for more sustainable packaging while delivering convenience and durability for frozen and chilled goods. Sometimes we need to ask different questions to come up with new solutions, and by working closely with FRESH!PACKING, we were able to create this innovative addition for the retail industry."

Kevin Hendzlik, General Manager & Fresh!Bag Product Manager, FRESH!PACKING, adds:

“Mondi trusted in our idea and brought a wealth of additional expertise to the table. While developing Fresh!Bag, the team was able to easily identify the right opportunities and advise us throughout the process, helping us to achieve our sustainability goals of avoiding plastic waste and using material that contributes to a circular economy.”

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