Exceler Raises $5M to Speed Up Eco Wall Systems

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Exceler Building Solutions, the designer and manufacturer of exterior building panels, has raised $5 million through an Opportunity Zone Fund designed to invest in the future of green building and the ongoing operations and growth strategy of the company. The Fund is targeted to raise a total of $20 million.

The funds will be used to drive the growth of the business while offering investors a very rare opportunity to defer, reduce, and eliminate capital gains tax obligations through participation in the Exceler Opportunity Zone Growth Fund. As one of the few business-based opportunity zones available, investors can also participate directly in promoting clean, sustainable building and the success of the business.

The prefabricated exterior building panel industry is experiencing explosive growth, making it a highly promising sector for investment. This growth is driven by increasing demand for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective construction solutions at a time when there is a lack of skilled workers.

Prefabricated panels reduce construction times, minimise waste, and offer high-quality, energy-efficient designs. These panels are factory-produced, allowing for rigorous quality control and customisation to meet various architectural and design preferences.

As an investment, this sector represents an opportunity to capitalise on the growing trend towards sustainable and efficient construction methods. Moreover, the industry’s scalability, combined with the global push for infrastructure development and green building initiatives, points towards a robust growth trajectory.

“Exceler is open for business and currently bidding on jobs nationwide,” said Dan Metzler, Principal at Exceler. “Our cleaner, greener construction panels offer a faster, less expensive way to build a wide range of commercial and residential buildings. Hazleton, and our location specifically, offers several strategic advantages, including both rail and surface access to our markets as well as an ample local and skilled workforce.”

Exceler uses cutting-edge design technology to create customised panels that streamline construction processes while reducing waste materials by up to 90%. These savings help clients across America reduce project costs while contributing positively towards environmental sustainability targets.

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Source: World Bio Market Insights


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