Eviosys Unveils New Mono-Material Packaging Solution

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Eviosys, a global metal packaging supplier, unveiled its revolutionary metal closure technology, 'Horizon,' during London Packaging Week 2023.

In a press release, the company announced that this innovative metal lid sets a new industry benchmark by offering the dry food sector an entirely recyclable packaging solution for the entire can, an arena previously dominated by plastic materials.

Horizon, a lightweight, shallow metal overcap meticulously designed to perfectly fit tin cans, empowers brands to embrace mono-material packaging. This significant shift drastically reduces the environmental footprint while ensuring top-tier product preservation for dry pantry staples.

One of Horizon's standout features is its complete customisability, enabling brands to craft a seamless and distinctive appearance for their dry products packaged in metal cans. Furthermore, Horizon streamlines can stacking, optimising storage space within consumers' homes.

The introduction of Horizon arrives at a pivotal moment, with environmental concerns surrounding single-use plastics at an all-time high.

According to Greenpeace, a staggering 46 per cent of the UK's plastic waste is incinerated, 19 per cent is exported, and 17 per cent ends up in landfills, causing considerable harm to the environment. Eviosys is committed to addressing this issue by offering a 100 per cent recyclable metal packaging alternative through Horizon.

A recent consumer survey commissioned by Eviosys revealed that 81 per cent of Europeans prioritise environmental considerations when making purchasing decisions. Furthermore, 74 per cent of respondents perceive metal packaging as more sustainable than plastic. Despite these preferences, supermarket shelves continue to witness a surge in plastic packaging usage, according to data from the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable alternatives, Eviosys has introduced Horizon, providing brands with a solution that aligns with the environmentally conscious mindset of consumers.

Olivier Aubry, Chief Commercial Officer at Eviosys, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of Horizon, emphasising that the solution represents the company's unwavering commitment to taking tangible action in the packaging sector rather than relying solely on rhetoric. "Our relentless pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions through innovation not only benefits our customers with cost-effective and eco-friendly products," Aubry added.

Horizon stands as a significant achievement within Eviosys' ambitious ESG programme, "Preserve Together," which places innovation at the forefront of driving progress and sustainability within the packaging industry.

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