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Clean Food Group, a pioneering bio-tech company based in the UK, is thrilled to announce a fresh investment and a strategic partnership with Alianza Team, an expert in Latin American food production and lipid-based technology.

Known as a global leader in the realm of lipids, nutrition, and frozen bakery, Alianza Team's collaboration will play a pivotal role in expediting the availability of wholesome and sustainable oils and fats products for the worldwide food manufacturing sector.

This enduring collaboration agreement is poised to fast-track Clean Food Group's journey towards commercialisation, seamlessly amalgamating Clean Food Group's profound proficiency in microbial oil production with Alianza Team's remarkable 75 years of experience in crafting functional, value-added oils and fats for the most esteemed food manufacturers across the globe.

Together, the two entities will forge ahead to create and introduce products that effectively address the industry's pressing demand for eco-friendly, functional, and economically viable oils and fats, serving as alternatives to conventionally used, resource-intensive food components.

As an integral aspect of this strategic alliance, Alianza Team is actively investing in Clean Food Group's ongoing "Pre-Series A" funding round. This funding initiative, supported by a blend of fresh and existing investors, is on track for conclusion by August 2023.

The capital secured through this funding will empower Clean Food Group to accelerate the expansion of its technological framework while simultaneously advancing pivotal regulatory and commercial pathways.

Anticipating a Series A funding round in 2024, Clean Food Group envisions a landscape where their technology has been successfully validated on a commercial scale, laying the groundwork for imminent revenue generation. These Series A funds will be instrumental in establishing a facility for large-scale manufacturing.

The genesis of Clean Food Group's technological prowess traces back to eight years of pioneering research spearheaded by Professor Chris Chuck, the Technical Lead at Clean Food Group. Their exclusive technology employs established, scalable yeast strains and fermentation techniques, utilising food waste as a sustainable feedstock, resulting in alternatives that supplant conventional oil and fat ingredients.

Expressing enthusiasm, Alex Neves, Co-founder and CEO of Clean Food Group, exclaims, "Today, we are thrilled to unveil our investment and collaboration with Alianza Team. This endorsement further validates Clean Food Group's technological prowess and plays a crucial role in steering our current funding round toward a successful culmination.

"The strategic partnership with Alianza Team is a driving force behind our commercialisation strategy, propelling us towards our objective of introducing sustainable oils and fats onto the market, on a commercially viable scale, within the next three years."

Luis Botero, President and CEO at Alianza Team, adds, "Alianza Team remains resolute in shaping a future defined by healthy and sustainable dietary choices for our consumers. We are enthusiastic about our investment in and collaboration with Clean Food Group, an organisation that resonates with our shared core values of innovation and sustainability. Together, we are poised to deliver healthier, more nourishing foods, ushering in an improved food system for generations to come."

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