Bosch Demonstrates Hydrogen Engines & Electrification at Bauma 2022

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Picture of Bosch Showcasing Hydrogen Engines & Electrification at Bauma 2022

Millions of construction, agricultural, and mobile machinery trucks operate worldwide. Despite their numerous applications, most of these devices use diesel engines. At Munich's "bauma 2022" trade expo, Bosch is showing how this vehicle category might contribute to climate protection in the future.

According to Bosch studies, more than 500,000 construction machines ranging in power from 56 to 560 kilowatts will be built globally by 2022. In the coming years, this industry is expected to grow even more, and the Bosch powertrain division plans to keep up with these changes.

Hydrogen engines are based on tried-and-true engine technology that has been changed to make them more environmentally friendly. When driven by green hydrogen, these powertrains are virtually climate-neutral.

Also, the powertrain concept is a good addition to fuel cell technology because it uses the same infrastructure and storage systems for vehicles. Bosch is working on systems with port fuel and direct injection and is already involved in more than 100 technical trials with customers across the world.

Furthermore, the company has already secured its first volume production contract in India. "Construction equipment is often used in fixed, high-load applications," says Pauer. "This is the perfect place for hydrogen engines to shine because of how efficient and durable they are." "However, the powertrain solution will also be used in agricultural machinery and long-distance transportation."

The hydrogen engine is also a very promising option for large engines, like dump trucks used in the mining industry. This is another area where durability, dependability, and small size are important for efficient operation.

Bosch's innovative AFI-LP (alternative fuel injector-low pressure) injector can inject hydrogen directly and can also use other fuels, like methanol, for both port fuel and direction fuel. As a result, engine makers can profit from maximal flexibility.

eLION is an electric powertrain solution from Bosch Rexroth for mobile construction equipment. The product platform is made to meet the needs of the off-highway industry and its harsh conditions. It is easy to scale up and down, very reliable and offers full functional safety according to ISO 13849.

The high-voltage eLION electric motors (up to 850 volts) have nominal power ranges of 20 to 230 kilowatts (with peak outputs exceeding 550 kilowatts) and create nominal torques of up to 1,300-newton metres as well as maximum torques exceeding 2,500-newton metres.

They come in four different sizes and work well with both small and large mobile equipment. They can be used for both travelling and working. Initial pilot projects with customers have been underway since 2021.

Bosch is also showing off the electric motors SMG180 and SMG220, as well as the INVCON 3.3 inverter with a built-in DC/DC converter. These parts were made for use in light commercial vehicles, but they are also approved for use off-road.

Bosch has improved its SCR technology for treating exhaust gas to cut down on raw emissions even more. With double injection and strong temperature management, it is possible to cut nitrogen oxide emissions even more. To do this, the SCR system injects urea into one catalytic converter close to the engine and another one farther away from the engine, depending on how the car is being driven. So, the Bosch technology helps both companies that make commercial vehicles and companies that run fleets meet current and future emission limits.

Source: Bosch

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