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ErthCycle, a pioneer in providing organic and biodegradable plastic packaging alternatives, has recently partnered with Jayleaf, a family-owned and operated food distributor specialising in fresh, organic leafy greens.

This collaboration marks a significant stride towards combating plastic pollution in the food production and distribution industry, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

ErthCycle's patented and third-party tested technology offers a promising solution to plastic pollution by introducing packaging that is both organically biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Compared to traditional plastics, their packaging consumes 25% fewer fossil fuels on average. Furthermore, in simulated landfill conditions, it has demonstrated an impressive organic biodegradation rate of 76.7% over 695 days.

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Embracing this partnership, Jayleaf is actively contributing to the eco-friendly movement and taking a responsible approach to packaging its products.

A representative from Jayleaf expressed their enthusiasm for the switch to ErthCycle's biodegradable bags, as it allows them to completely eliminate plastic usage and prioritise environmental responsibility. They believe that this change will not only benefit their customers but also set a positive example for others to follow.

ErthCycle's CEO and co-founder, Cooper Bayliss, expressed delight in having Jayleaf as their partner in the mission to reduce plastic waste and build a more sustainable future for generations to come. The alignment of Jayleaf's commitment to sustainability with ErthCycle's mission is seen as a perfect match, and both companies are excited about the impact they can create together.

The potential impact of ErthCycle's products on the packaging industry is just beginning, and Jayleaf's decision to adopt their eco-friendly solutions sets a compelling precedent for other companies to emulate. By choosing ErthCycle's products, Jayleaf not only reduces its environmental footprint but also becomes a beacon of inspiration for others in the industry.

At Jayleaf, there is a strong belief that the future lies in responsible practices that prioritise the preservation and nurturing of the planet. They see ErthCycle as an embodiment of these values, offering packaging solutions that not only minimise environmental impact but also serve as catalysts for positive change. This partnership signifies Jayleaf's dedication to a holistic approach to sustainability, understanding that every decision they make today will shape the world they leave for future generations.

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