Avis Budget Group and EverChange Launch EV Charging Solution at Houston Airport

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The goal of this partnership between Avis Budget Group and EverCharge, which is part of the SK Group and is the leading provider of large-scale electric vehicle (EV) charging devices and management systems, is to give travellers at the George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas, options for charging their EVs. The companies have installed a significant number of EV charging stations for the convenience of EV owners.

SmartPower, EverCharge's unique load-balancing software, makes large-scale, networked EV charging possible by managing and controlling electric loads, analysing EV charging patterns, and intelligently allocating available power based on what each vehicle needs.

SmartPower enables EverCharge partners like Avis Budget Group to build more charging stations than would be available with traditional charging systems without putting pressure on the existing energy grid or necessitating costly utility modifications.

Joe Ferraro, President and Chief Executive Officer at Avis Budget Group, said: “An optimal charging infrastructure is a necessary condition to support a seamless transition to an electrified fleet. We want to give our customers the best experience possible and to do that, we have to invest in cutting-edge technology that works with the wide range of EVs that our OEM partners will provide. At Avis Budget Group, we believe the road to electrification rests on a foundation of charging infrastructure. We’re excited to be partnering with the SK Group to advance our strategy, and we’re proud to showcase this large-scale operation at the George Bush International Airport in Houston as a proof point of the developments to come.”

Avis Budget Group and EverCharge's partnership at Houston Airport serves as a model for airport fleet electrification and is part of Avis's belief in electrification as the future of mobility. This partnership aims to solve problems with infrastructure and help Avis reach its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. The EverCharge stations showcase Avis's commitment to investing in infrastructure and technology to support the transition to electric mobility.

"EverCharge's goal is to make it easier for people to buy electric vehicles by making smart software and hardware charging solutions that take advantage of the electrical infrastructure that is already in place. Our partnership with Avis Budget Group is an important step to realising that mission and a prime example of EverCharge’s ability to advance our partners’ sustainability strategies,” said Jason Appelbaum, CEO of EverCharge. "We are proud to be leading the way with Avis Budget Group to speed up the decarbonisation of the transportation sector and bring us one step closer to a clean, all-electric future."

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Source: Avis Budget Group


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