Aussie Solar Tech Fuels India's Net Zero Journey

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Australian renewable energy firm Sunrise CSP has embarked on a journey filled with economic promise as it contributes to India's transition towards a net-zero future.

In 2018, this Canberra-based solar thermal energy company introduced its innovative technology, the "Big Dish," in a project aimed at providing sustainable energy solutions to India's esteemed Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Gujarat.

The Big Dish, a result of collaboration between Sunrise CSP and researchers at ANU, operates by harnessing mirrors to concentrate solar energy and convert it into high-temperature heat.

This thermal energy is put to use in various capacities at the Gujarat hospital, such as powering laundry facilities, the kitchen, and sterilisation processes.

Additionally, it supports a specialised thermal chiller system that provides cooling for the entire hospital complex. This groundbreaking technology exhibits remarkable versatility, with applications spanning from meeting the substantial heating and cooling requirements of factories, commercial buildings, and hospitals to even the possibility of cooling an entire city centre through a single solar thermal Big Dish installation in one of India's emerging Smart City developments.

Furthermore, the Big Dish technology possesses the potential to supply the heat necessary for the production of critical chemicals like hydrogen and ammonia, as well as offer solutions for large-scale power generation on a national level.

Artur Zawadski, the CEO and Director of Sunrise CSP, emphasises that India's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, coupled with its advantageous location in the sunbelt, creates an unprecedented opportunity for Australian solar technology to flourish in this burgeoning industrial market.

In August 2023, Sunrise CSP solidified its position by entering into a partnership with Engineers India Ltd (EIL), a significant player in the engineering and project management domain. This partnership positions Sunrise CSP as the preferred collaborator for EIL in their endeavours to expand solar thermal power solutions across the region.

Zawadski is enthusiastic about this partnership, stating, "We successfully demonstrated the adaptability of our Big Dish technology to meet the specific requirements of the Indian market in our Gujarat hospital project. We are now excited to formalise our collaboration with EIL, who will facilitate the technology's widespread adoption and services throughout the country."

Zawadski firmly believes that having a local partner on the ground is crucial for scaling up in India, and EIL perfectly aligns with Sunrise CSP's ambitions as they aim to decarbonise various projects in the oil, gas, and energy sectors.

EIL's Chief Managing Director, Vartika Shukla, echoes this sentiment, emphasising their shared vision of fostering positive environmental change through innovative technological solutions and integrating concentrated solar power technology into existing industrial facilities.

In 2022, Sunrise CSP took part in an Austrade-led Australia-India Business Exchange (AIBX) trade mission to India. During this trip, Artur Zawadski was introduced to potential clients and connected with EIL, marking the pivotal moment when this partnership began to take shape.

Zawadski acknowledges the significance of Austrade's involvement, highlighting that Austrade's presence in India attracts influential players in the Indian energy sector, providing Australian renewable energy companies with valuable market insights, opportunities, and connections.

India's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2070, with a target of sourcing 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, paves the way for increased collaboration between Australian and Indian companies in the renewable energy sector.

According to Catherine Gallagher, Head of South Asia and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner at Austrade, this presents a growing opportunity for Australian firms to participate in India's net-zero aspirations.

Collaborations like the one between Sunrise CSP and EIL not only unite the expertise of Australian and Indian companies but also contribute significantly to the growth of the renewable energy sector and the overall development of both nations.

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Source: Australian Govt.


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