Archroma Advances Sustainable Dyeing with AVITERA

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Archroma has introduced AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT, extending the accessibility of its groundbreaking AVITERA® SE technology to more brands and mills.

This advancement enables more cost-effective and sustainable dyeing of cellulosic fibres and blends.

The extended AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT range offers an improved cost-to-performance ratio for new dark and extra-dark shades. It empowers mills to create distinctive end products that meet the environmental standards of leading brands and retailers. Simultaneously, it enhances yield, boosts productivity, and reduces processing costs.

Dhirendra Gautam, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Archroma Textile Effects, said, “AVITERA® SE has been the choice of the world’s top clothing brands for over a decade. AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT represents a new level of solution, maintaining exceptional environmental benefits while supporting the financial sustainability of fashion and textile companies.”

Traditionally, dyeing darker shades has posed challenges, requiring higher dye concentration, increased water and energy usage, and additional steps or re-dyeing for uniform colouration. Furthermore, darker hues tend to fade faster than lighter ones, especially when exposed to sunlight and frequent washing.

Dhirendra added, “We have enabled the production of consistent and long-lasting dark and extra-dark shades more sustainably, with overall costs comparable to traditional cellulosic dyeing technology.”

AVITERA® SE Generation Next offers high-speed, low-temperature wash-off, ensuring high process reliability and excellent reproducibility. It enables mills to achieve water and energy savings of up to 50%, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and effluent discharge by up to 50%.

Also, it can increase mill output by up to 25% or more. The dyes are free from arylamines, including PCA, and have excellent fastness properties, retaining vibrant colours through repeated washing and exposure to light, sweat, and chlorine.

The AVITERA® SE range now includes three new and improved dark colours, expanding the available colour combinations across a wide range:

  • AVITERA® BLACK PEARL SE: A black dye with a greenish cast and high colour consistency, suitable for correcting metamerism.

  • AVITERA® BLUE HORIZON SE: A deep blue shade with good light fastness, high oxidative fastness, and resistance to nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the atmosphere.

  • AVITERA® NIGHT STORM SE: A new navy shade with a greenish cast and strong build-up, ideal for dyeing the deepest navy and combination shades.

Since its launch in 2010, AVITERA® SE has set a new sustainability benchmark in the textile industry. Over the years, the colour palette has expanded, performance has improved, and cost savings have increased through recipe optimization and added environmental benefits. AVITERA® SE GENERATION NEXT represents the fourth generation of this revolutionary dye solution, introducing dark and extra-dark shades for enhanced economic sustainability.

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