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Aquapak Polymers Ltd., a pioneer in polymer-based material technologies that balance performance and environmental responsibility on a large scale, has made an exciting announcement.

The company has officially become a member of WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), a prominent climate action NGO dedicated to combatting the root causes of the climate crisis and forging a sustainable future for our planet.

By joining WRAP, Aquapak gains entry into the esteemed UK Plastics Pact, a coalition that unites businesses along the entire plastics value chain alongside UK governmental bodies and NGOs.

Together, they are on a mission to address the pressing issue of plastic waste. Members of this Pact share a collective commitment to phasing out problematic plastics, reducing overall packaging volumes in supermarkets, fostering innovation and novel business models, and bolstering the UK's recycling infrastructure.

Aquapak has garnered acclaim for its groundbreaking creation, Hydropol™, an environmentally conscious speciality polymer with remarkable functionality.

Hydropol™ is a pivotal component in the pursuit of a circular economy, as it promotes recycling and offers multiple end-of-life possibilities. It stands as a compelling alternative to conventional plastics, boasting their versatility and utility while sparing the environment from harm.

Manufactured and developed in the United Kingdom, Hydropol™ is a soluble, non-toxic substance that poses no threat to marine life. Products crafted with Hydropol™ seamlessly integrate into existing recycling processes, biodegrade entirely, and offer an ecologically sound solution.

As an enabling technology, Hydropol™ can be employed independently or in conjunction with other materials to enhance recyclability, compostability, and end-of-life choices.

Its material properties facilitate its adaptation to a wide array of products, while its solubility simplifies the separation process during recycling. For instance, it can be extrusion-coated onto paper or board, providing strength and formidable barrier properties against oxygen, oil, and grease, subsequently leading to a diverse range of applications.

When it comes to disposal, consumers can effortlessly place Hydropol™-based packaging into their household paper waste. During the paper repulping process, the Hydropol layer dissolves, ultimately biodegrading within the wastewater system or transforming into clean energy if the facility employs an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) system.

John Williams, the Chief Technology Officer of Aquapak, expressed their enthusiasm about this pivotal move, stating, "The time is right for us to join WRAP and the UK Plastics Pact. We have developed a solution in Hydropol that can play an active role in meeting the commitments of Pact members, helping reduce plastic waste, and delivering products that support the circular economy thanks to its recyclability and biodegradability. We look forward to collaborating with industry members to help accelerate change and create a new generation of materials and packaging with positive end-of-life options."

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Source: Aquapak


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