Amogy, Skansi & SEAM Explore Ammonia Fuel for Offshore

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Amogy Inc., a trailblazer in emission-free, high-energy ammonia power solutions; Skansi Offshore, a shipping company based in the capital of the Faroe Islands; and SEAM, a Norwegian system developer and integrator, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The objective of this agreement is for the three parties to explore potential technological collaboration in the field of ammonia utilisation with the shared aim of decarbonising the offshore industry. The initial focus of this partnership is the potential retrofit of Amogy's proprietary ammonia-to-power system onto one of Skansi's existing vessels, enabling it to operate with zero emissions. This collaboration presents an opportunity for all parties to work together towards a greener and more sustainable shipping sector.

Christian W. Berg, Managing Director of Amogy Norway, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with these esteemed and forward-thinking companies that share a common vision for a cleaner future. Berg stated, "Given the industry's strong commitment to clean fuels, we must make a positive impact here. We believe that our collaboration with Skansi and SEAM can serve as an inspiring model for other maritime operators to follow."

Gunvald Mortvedt, CEO of SEAM, sees this project as a testament to the industry's dedication to pushing technological boundaries to achieve zero-emission shipping. Mortvedt said, "We are proud to have been selected as a system partner for this exciting project. We have confidence in Amogy's ammonia-to-power solution and, through close collaboration with both companies, we believe we can achieve Skansi's important goal of a zero-emission offshore supply vessel, thereby demonstrating another significant milestone in zero-emission shipping."

Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, CEO of Skansi Offshore, expressed their eagerness to collaborate with Amogy and SEAM in combining environmentally friendly and innovative technologies. Rasmussen stated, "Integrating Amogy's ammonia-to-hydrogen technology into our vessel is a significant step in the right direction, bringing us closer to our long-term objective of decarbonising the maritime industry and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, this partnership will help accelerate the global transition to clean energy sources, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable practices in the maritime sector."

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