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A recent survey of 4,000 businesses worldwide revealed a surprising gap between ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals and technology considerations.

While 83% had established ESG targets, a significant 40% did not factor in the environmental impact of their mobile devices, laptops, and tablets.

This is concerning because electronics manufacturing generates substantial carbon emissions, uses significant water resources, and relies on raw material mining. Even large companies with established ESG policies often overlook the environmental footprint of their tech infrastructure.

Alchemy: Pioneering Transparency in Sustainable Tech

At Alchemy, they are committed to helping businesses achieve Net Zero goals. Through an industry-first collaboration with Greenly, a carbon-accounting platform, they have become the only device refurbisher to certify the emissions savings associated with each refurbished device.

This translates to several benefits for businesses. They can:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of their tech estate's environmental impact

  • Showcase their commitment to sustainability

  • Demonstrate their progress towards meeting ESG targets

Stephen Wise, Alchemy's Global Marketing Director for Circular Economy, says, "Reducing emissions is paramount. Businesses need to recognise environmental and financial impact of their tech within their Net Zero strategies."

Greenly Partnership: Verifying Sustainability

Greenly conducted a comprehensive analysis of Alchemy's refurbishment process, encompassing logistics, processing, and distribution. This allows Alchemy to provide complete transparency on the CO2 footprint of each device they offer. Greenly's analysis also incorporates data on emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and end-of-life processes (as published by original equipment manufacturers).

Choosing refurbished devices offers a significant environmental benefit. Compared to buying new, businesses can avoid an average of 76.05kg of CO2 emissions per device. Alchemy's partnership with Greenly empowers businesses to simplify sustainability reporting and make informed decisions that promote circularity.

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Source: Alchemy


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