AIZEN's AI Banking Powers Vietnam EV Market

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AIZEN, the visionary artificial intelligence financial company, has now unveiled its cutting-edge AI banking service targeted at Vietnam's burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market.

Teaming up with the esteemed transportation giant BEST Express, AIZEN seeks to offer innovative financing solutions specifically tailored for EVs.

Vietnam is actively transitioning to a cleaner and greener transportation landscape, embracing eco-friendly practices, and adopting ESG management. In line with this progressive direction, AIZEN is fully committed to supporting these environmental initiatives by providing finance options that promote sustainability and leveraging technological advancements to expand its financial services.

BEST Express is strategising to optimise product delivery, incorporate IoT technologies, and establish an efficient battery exchange infrastructure, all to bolster its competitive edge in the market. Through this strategic alliance, both AIZEN and BEST Express aspire to streamline the deployment of EV fleets and establish an eco-friendly delivery system that complements the country's eco-conscious objectives.

Driving this transformation is AIZEN's pioneering AI technology platform, EV-CreditConnect, which seamlessly connects the EV market with finance in not only Vietnam but also Indonesia. This dynamic partnership signifies a remarkable expansion of AI banking services by bridging transportation providers, financial institutions, and technology platforms together.

With a stellar track record of holding more than 160 global patents in the convergence of electric batteries and AI technology, AIZEN possesses unrivalled decision-making support capabilities. Such expertise has earned them global acclaim, notably as a "Responsible AI" company designated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), alongside high rankings in prestigious fintech competitions.

BEST Express is keenly aware of the significance of this collaboration, as it drives the development of an eco-friendly delivery system in sync with the government's policies while optimising operational costs. Capitalising on AIZEN's innovative technologies, they aim to propel the electric vehicle market forward and deliver substantial benefits to the local community and businesses alike.

Jung-seok KANG, the esteemed CEO of AIZEN, underscores the significance of their global financial standard model, CreditConnect, which enables agile decision-making and showcases AI-driven financial innovation that truly supports eco-friendly policies.

The joint force of AIZEN's AI banking service and BEST Express' strategic partnership is poised to inject tremendous momentum into Vietnam's electric vehicle market. By offering tailor-made financing solutions, streamlining product delivery, and aligning with the nation's eco-friendly transportation objectives, this collaboration stands as a beacon of progress and promises a greener, cleaner future for Vietnam.

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