Airtel's RE Commitment for 6 Nxtra Data Centres

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Bharti Airtel, a leading Indian telecommunications company, has announced plans to purchase 23,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable energy (RE) for its data centre subsidiary, Nxtra.

The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and becoming a net-zero company by 2031.

The renewable energy will be sourced from two projects developed by Continuum Green India Pvt. Ltd. and Vibrant Energy Holdings Pte. Ltd. The projects will supply green power to six of Nxtra's Edge data centres in Madhya Pradesh and Vijayawada.

With the addition of this new capacity, Nxtra will have a total of 274,000 MWh of renewable energy contracted. This makes it one of the largest data centre operators in India to commit to using renewable energy.

Ashish Arora, CEO of Nxtra, said, "We are committed to becoming a net-zero company by 2031. This is a major step towards achieving our goal."

Nxtra has also set a target of reducing its PUE (power usage effectiveness) by 10% by 2025. PUE is a measure of how efficiently a data centre uses energy. A lower PUE means that a data centre is using less energy to operate.

The company is also investing in new data centre facilities in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai. These facilities will be designed to be more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Bharti Airtel's commitment to renewable energy is a positive step for the data centre industry. As the demand for data centres grows, these facilities must be powered by clean energy.

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Source: Airtel


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