Ahlstrom Aids Renewable Energy Shift with Elektro-Tek

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As the world embraces renewable energy sources, the demand for high-performance insulation materials for electrotechnical applications is growing. To support this transition, Ahlstrom offers Elektro-Tek® electrotechnical papers specifically designed for demanding uses like high-voltage cables, distribution transformers, instrument transformers, power transformers, and bushings.

These innovative papers from Ahlstrom possess exceptional thermal and electrical properties.

Ahlstrom maintains its commitment to the electrotechnical paper industry and its leadership role, catering to the increasing demand for electrification and the energy transition while combating climate change. With over a century of experience in producing and developing electrotechnical papers, Ahlstrom is well-equipped to meet the stringent quality standards required for such applications.

The crucial characteristics of electrotechnical papers include insulation properties, density, and thermal endurance, ensuring that the insulation functions reliably throughout its designated lifecycle for top-tier OEM producers.

To achieve these properties, the use of high-quality pulp is pivotal in manufacturing premium insulation papers. Elektro-Tek® papers rely on Ahlstrom's internally produced unbleached kraft pulps, renowned for their purity, strength, high DP value, and contribution to the advancement of these technically advanced products.

Sustainability is also prioritised, as Elektro-Tek® papers are crafted from sustainable materials such as high-quality unbleached cellulose fibres, reducing environmental impact. By incorporating renewable resources into their production process, Ahlstrom delivers high-performance and environmentally friendly products.

Eva Thunholm, Vice President of Protective Materials global business at Ahlstrom, stated, "Our mission is to facilitate the transition to renewable energy sources by providing the industry with sustainable, high-quality insulation materials. Leveraging our century-long experience and expertise, we continuously meet the industry's evolving needs and contribute to combating climate change through our Elektro-Tek® products."

Ahlstrom's range of Elektro-Tek® products will be showcased at the upcoming CWIEME exhibition in Berlin, Germany, from May 23–25, 2023. Visit Ahlstrom at CWIEME, located in Hall 4.2, Stand 42D10, to learn more about these offerings.

For further information on Elektro-Tek® electrotechnical products, please visit: https://www.ahlstrom.com/products/insulation-paper-and-specialty-pulp/electrotechical-paper/

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