AFL to Build Sustainable Fibre Plant in Poland

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AFL, a subsidiary of Fujikura Ltd. and a renowned global leader in optical fibre network infrastructure has unveiled exciting plans to establish a cutting-edge, eco-friendly manufacturing facility in Poland.

This strategic move is in response to the surging demand for higher bandwidth capabilities across the region. The anticipated launch date for this state-of-the-art facility is mid-2024, and it holds the promise of enhancing AFL's capacity to meet customer delivery expectations and streamline service to its regional clientele.

In the words of Steve Polidan, the Vice President of Connectivity at AFL, "As data consumption continues to soar, the expansion of fibre networks throughout the EMEA region is nothing short of remarkable." The establishment of a new manufacturing hub in Poland represents a pivotal milestone for AFL, bringing them closer than ever to their valued customers and significantly expediting the provision of optical solutions.

At the heart of this expansion is a profound commitment to elevating the customer experience. By situating their production facility in proximity to their clients, AFL aims to bolster delivery speed and responsiveness, thereby catering to the evolving demands of businesses across the region.

Furthermore, sustainability takes centre stage in their expansion strategy. The new plant in Poland will play a pivotal role in AFL's efforts to reduce their environmental footprint through energy-efficient practices, waste reduction initiatives, conservation efforts, and other environmentally responsible measures.

Poland's strategic location in Central Europe, its pool of skilled labour, and its strong support for eco-friendly manufacturing practices make it an optimal choice for AFL. It aligns seamlessly with AFL's objectives as they expand their production footprint to keep pace with customer demands across the region.

The forthcoming Poland facility will mark AFL's fourth European production centre, joining the ranks of their existing optical cable factories in the UK and Germany, along with assembly and hardware manufacturing operations in the UK.

This expansion underscores AFL's unwavering commitment to establishing sustainable manufacturing and logistics facilities in close proximity to major hubs, ultimately enabling expedited customer deliveries and fostering stronger connections with their valued clientele.

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