YIT Establishes a New Green Finance Framework

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YIT Corporation (YIT) is taking a big step towards its sustainability goals with a new Green Finance Framework.

This framework integrates YIT's ambitious environmental targets into its financing strategies.

YIT aims to be carbon neutral in its own operations by 2030 and has set science-based emission reduction targets. Building on their previous Green Finance Framework launched in 2021, this new framework focuses on financing or refinancing projects that promote:

  • Low-carbon housing

  • Energy-efficient business premises construction in Finland

The framework categorises projects that support environmentally friendly and energy-saving buildings. These categories benefit both YIT and its customers in the transition to a greener future.

“Construction has significant impacts on the climate and the construction industry has a lot to achieve in terms of sustainability,” said Tuomas Mäkipeska, CFO of YIT Corporation. “We have set ambitious sustainability goals, and the Green Finance Framework will help us steer investments towards projects that contribute to the green transition. The core of the framework is the construction of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings, including new construction, renovation and energy efficiency measures.”

Transparency and Green Credentials

YIT can issue green bonds and other financing instruments to fund these eco-friendly projects through the Green Finance Framework. They will report on the allocation of funds and the environmental impact of the projects annually.

An independent assessment by Sustainalytics confirms the framework aligns with international green finance principles set by organisations like the ICMA and LMA.

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