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NSG Group is excited to announce its decision to invest in the update of a glass furnace to include two production lines for rolled glass and float glass simultaneously.

As part of this investment, the current rolled glass production line in the UK will be relocated to a float furnace in the same town.

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, a part of NSG Group, will be making a significant multi-million-pound investment in its Merseyside facilities, supported by a government-backed project aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 15,000 tonnes per year while also securing the future of rolled glass manufacturing in the UK.

As part of the project, Pilkington UK will be moving its manufacturing operations from Watson Street to its Greengate site in the town. This move will involve a major investment in upgrading the Greengate glass furnace, which is responsible for melting the raw materials into glass during the manufacturing process.

The upgraded Greengate furnace will be able to continue producing flat glass while accommodating the additional output from the relocated Watson Street rolled glass manufacturing line. The decision to initiate this project was driven by the fact that the furnace at Watson Street, which has been in operation since 1826, has reached the end of its lifespan.

All jobs from Watson Street will be relocated to Greengate as part of this project, which aims to produce all glass from the upgraded furnace, resulting in carbon emission savings equivalent to taking 8,800 cars off the road annually.

The project is scheduled to begin in August 2023, with the production line expected to be operational by August 2024. Watson Street will remain open until then, with no anticipated impact on the availability of glass during the upgrade process.

This project will also receive a grant of £3.7 million from the government's Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IEFT), which supports industrial energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects in the UK, further enhancing its benefits.

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Source: NSG Group


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