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Schroders Appoints Scott MacLennan to Manage £3.8 Billion Global Sustainable Growth Fund

Published on: 26 July 2022 12:15 PM
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The Global Sustainable Growth Fund at Schroders now has Scott MacLennan as its new co-manager. The fund is worth £3.8 billion.

Schroders plans to strengthen the strategy's focus on sustainable investing goals, which is why they have brought on MacLennan, an ESG specialist.

MacLennan is taking over from Katherine Davidson, who is leaving Schroders to pursue an opportunity outside the company.

MacLennan will work alongside senior portfolio manager Charles Somers, who has co-managed the Global Sustainable Growth fund since its establishment in 2010, to oversee its investments. In 2017, the fund began focusing on environmental responsibility.

In the new role, MacLennan will also manage the Schroder Sustainable Growth fund and Income fund, as well as the international versions (SISF) of both.

MacLennan joined Schroders in 2015 as an investment analyst and is now a co-portfolio manager on the International Selection Fund (SISF) European Sustainable Equity.

In the past, he had been employed at Neptune Investment Management as a market analyst.

MacLennan commented: “I am a firm believer that strong stakeholder relationships have a material impact on the long-term success of businesses.

“This aligns perfectly with the approach adopted for the Global Sustainable Growth strategy. I very much look forward to working with Charles and becoming part of the Global & Thematic Equity team.”

In April, Schroders issued an "Engagement Blueprint" that outlined engagement objectives for fund managers and analysts. Climate change, corporate governance, diversity and inclusion, human capital management, human rights, natural capital and biodiversity are the six core elements of the blueprint.

Source: Funds Europe

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