RBS Fund: Empowering Communities for Climate Goals

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The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has partnered with the giving platform Neighbourly to introduce the Royal Bank Regenerate Fund.

This innovative fund aims to support sustainability projects by offering £3000 grants to schools, charities, and community groups across Scotland.

The fund focuses on four key areas: Energy Efficiency and Buildings, Environment, Nature and Biodiversity, Food, Water and Waste, and Transport and Mobility.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to implement various initiatives, ranging from installing LED lightbulbs and EV charging points to creating kitchen gardens and organising beach clean programmes.

The judging panel, including third-party members, will evaluate entries based on specific criteria. The fund is open to schools, colleges, universities, charities, and community groups.

Applications are being accepted until August 11, and the programme partner Neighbourly will verify organisations, manage payments and monitor grant utilisation.

Judith Cruickshank, Chair of One Bank Scotland at the Royal Bank of Scotland, expressed enthusiasm for the fund, highlighting the potential for participating groups to embark on their sustainability journey and inspire others.

Neighbourly, a B-Corp organisation, collaborates with the bank as the programme partner, ensuring the verification of organisations, payment management, and grant monitoring.

Steve Butterworth, CEO of Neighbourly, shared his excitement about working with the RBS on this significant initiative, which aims to accelerate local groups' sustainability ambitions.

To exemplify the programme's impact, three Scottish causes, Pitreavie Athletics Club, Fresh Start, and Bike For Good, have already received £3000 grants to develop or enhance their sustainability projects.

Gordon Soutar, Club Development Manager at Pitreavie Amateur Athletics Club, emphasised the importance of the grant in improving their carbon footprint and enabling necessary changes.

Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet, Founder of Glasgow's Bike for Good, expressed gratitude for the grant, which will help refurbish more bikes and expand skills workshops.

Carrie-Ann Scougall from Fresh Start in Edinburgh highlighted the positive impact of the grant in providing essential goods to those experiencing homelessness while reducing waste.

For further information about the programme and the application process, interested parties can visit the Royal Bank of Scotland's Regenerate Fund website at https://www.rbs.co.uk/regenerate-fund.

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