Sustainable Finance

Ram Charan Urges CFOs to Set Up 10-Year Plan for Sustainability

Published on: 4 March 2022 11:48 AM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

A global advisor and leadership coach, Ram Charan, said Chief Finance Officers must have a 10-year plan to become great leaders and creating a sustainable capital allocation framework is very important. He explains what needs to be done to become a great leader.

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To execute sustainability plans smoothly, CFOs should envisage what the demand would be like in the next ten years, Charan said. CFOs should go through the basics and cover the complete value chain to notice each link of the sustainability issues.

A great CFO will create a sustainable capital allocation framework and identify new ways of return on those investments. He also believes that CFOs are responsible for communicating sustainability frameworks to investors.

Ram Charan said: " The job of CEO & CFO will be to find the right balance, have clear priorities, and deliver financial results better than the competition, and at the same time balance interest of selected stakeholders and create a long-term path."

He is on the board of many companies as an independent director, advising businesses on various issues.