Port Of Oakland Gets $119M Green Infrastructure Fund

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Image courtesy of Port of Oakland

The Port of Oakland has been granted $119 million in funding through the Port Freight Infrastructure Programme. This grant is a significant contribution from the state's $1.2 billion programme aimed at enhancing the port's maritime facilities and surrounding roadways.

The allocated funds will be utilised to electrify the port's cargo handling equipment, enabling a shift towards greener operations. Additionally, the $119 million grant will facilitate the implementation of marine terminal modernisation and arterial roadway improvement projects.

These initiatives are strategically designed to expand sustainable infrastructure and alleviate port congestion, ultimately leading to a reduction in diesel emissions.

Danny Way, the port's executive director, expressed gratitude to the State of California, Governor Gavin Newsom, and all the stakeholders involved in the grant application process. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in securing these funds, which will play a pivotal role in advancing the port's infrastructure.

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Source: Bay City News

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