PFS ESG Course Launched for Financial Advisers

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The Personal Finance Society (PFS) and Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) have jointly unveiled an exciting new short course on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) tailored for financial advisers.

This initiative responds to the mounting scrutiny from regulators and the surging interest among clients regarding sustainable investments.

The burgeoning green finance market, coupled with shifting societal perspectives on sustainability and evolving legislative and regulatory landscapes (including the FCA's anti-greenwashing regulations), has ignited a growing demand for personal finance professionals well-versed in the essentials of sustainable investing.

Named 'Spotlight: ESG and Sustainable Investment Advice,' this course equips financial experts with the tools to seamlessly integrate sustainable investment guidance into their business strategies.

It empowers advisers to meet the challenges of Consumer Duty by aligning their services with the sustainable and ethical preferences of their clients, ultimately ensuring positive outcomes.

This comprehensive course has been crafted by sustainable finance authorities Rebecca Kowalski FPFS and Alan Whittle MSc FPFS, who bring extensive experience from their roles in advising, compliance, supervision, and paraplanning.

It presents an opportunity for professionals to demonstrate leadership in the ESG finance arena and encompasses vital areas such as sustainable portfolio management, understanding client preferences, and leveraging sustainable legislation and regulations to enhance business prospects.

Key learning outcomes encompass grasping the intricate nature of sustainable finance, recognising the global shift toward a sustainable economy's impact on risk, cost, opportunity, and reward, appreciating the significance of engaging with sustainability in the current consumer market, identifying sustainable and ethical financial products and their applications, honing practical skills related to investment selection, education, and communication, and building robust, high-quality ESG/sustainable advisory offerings.

Don MacIntyre, Interim CEO of the PFS, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We are delighted to introduce the Spotlight: ESG and Sustainable Investment Advice course. This presents a fantastic opportunity for finance professionals to enhance their expertise and gain valuable insights into this pivotal subject, allowing them to better serve their clients."

Moreover, the Spotlight course aligns with the Chartered Insurance Institute's requirements for 12 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), meeting the needs of its membership.

For further insights into sustainable finance, the CII offers the Green Finance Companion Guide to the Code of Ethics.

For registration and additional information regarding the Spotlight: ESG and Sustainable Investment Advice course, please refer to this link.

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