Sustainable Finance

Mizuho Uplifts its Sustainable Goals by Issuing Green Bonds Worth $500 Million

Published on: 25 February 2022 06:37 PM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

The banking and financial services firm based in Tokyo, Mizuho Financial Group, announced the issuance of a $ 500 million green bond aimed at financing green projects and driving towards sustainable finance goals of the firm.

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The bank said advancing towards sustainability goals is an integral part of its group strategy. Climate change is one of the global issues which has or is going to have a significant impact on financial markets, and dealing with the issue is at the top agenda of the bank.

In April 2020, Mizuho revised its environmental policy, clarifying its contributions to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The bank has pledged to align with the targets in the Paris Agreement and supports clients in their transition to a low-carbon society.

To accelerate environmental business and enhance positive impacts on the environment through finance, Mizuho has set a target for financing environment of 12 trillion yen from FY2019 to FY2030 and are proactively advancing their initiatives.

The green bond issued by the bank is part of funds for environmental finance and acts in response to the needs of investors who have an increasing interest in the environment and climate-related fields. Mizuho has issued the green bonds based on a framework formulated in line with the International Capital Market Association's Green Bond Principles 2018 and the Japan Ministry of the Environment's Green bond Guidelines 2020.

Mizuho added: “At Mizuho, we have strengthened our initiatives toward a sustainable society (sustainability action) including climate change responses and transition to a low-carbon society. Leveraging our knowledge as a financial services group, we will proactively continue to provide advice, and solutions, including financing support such as sustainable finance and environmental finance, for strengthening and shifting our clients’ businesses towards decarbonization.”