Mirova Seeks €200M for Impact Fund

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Mirova, a sustainable finance leader under Natixis Investment Managers, announced the launch of Mirova Impact Life Essentials (MILE).

This initiative aims to propel the growth of European unlisted companies driving positive societal change. The €200 million fund, led by Senior Investment Director Judith-Laure Mamou-Mani, will target institutional and individual investors across Europe.

Recognising the interconnected challenges facing society – climate change, ageing populations, and rising inequality – MILE seeks to empower European businesses to tackle these issues and foster a balanced and equitable transition.

Investing in a Better Tomorrow

MILE leverages a proven business model to generate positive social impact across four key areas:

  • Knowledge & Skills: Promoting inclusive education, lifelong learning programs, and future-of-work solutions.

  • Well-being & Health: Improving access to healthcare, preventative measures, healthy ageing initiatives, and workplace well-being.

  • Mindful Consumption: Encouraging responsible and sustainable consumption practices, circular economies, and waste reduction strategies.

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Empowering individuals and fostering social responsibility, raising awareness on environmental and social issues.

MILE will take an opportunistic approach, investing in both minority and majority stakes. Mirova's team is actively building a project pipeline, aiming for initial investments within the coming months.

Aligning Profitability with Positive Impact

MILE offers institutional and individual investors the opportunity to achieve attractive long-term returns while diversifying risk through multi-sector holdings. This strategy, like all of Mirova's initiatives, aligns with Article 9 of the European SFDR regulation framework, promoting both financial and societal goals.

Steering the Course for Sustainable Growth

Judith-Laure Mamou-Mani, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in sustainable finance and social impact investing, will lead this new strategy. She is backed by a team with expertise in investment, sustainable development research, and financial and non-financial analysis for unlisted assets. MILE builds upon Mirova's existing impact private equity offering (Mirova Environment Acceleration Capital - MEAC) and is fully integrated with Mirova's established investment processes.

Mission-Driven Impact

As a company guided by a strong social mission, Mirova will establish an impact mechanism through MILE in collaboration with Mirova Foundation, their endowment fund. A portion of the fund's management fees will be allocated to support philanthropic projects.

With the launch of MILE, Mirova advances its European private asset offerings, aligning with their 2030 roadmap.

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