Innovo Grants £100,000 to Advance LBS Sustainability

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In a significant move towards advancing sustainability initiatives, Innovo, a globally integrated enterprise spanning the entire spectrum of the built environment, has generously contributed £100,000 in seed funding to London Business School (LBS).

Renowned as one of the premier business schools worldwide, LBS is resolutely dedicated to integrating sustainability into its core pursuits. A pivotal pillar of this effort is the "Forever Forward" fundraising campaign, aimed at empowering the LBS community to effect profound positive changes in today's world.

François Ortalo-Magné, the esteemed Dean of LBS, expressed the impact of Innovo's investment on the school's sustainability and climate change endeavours, which will undoubtedly reverberate across future generations.

"Innovo's investment will amplify London Business School's impact in the fields of sustainability and climate change and benefit future generations," stated Ortalo-Magné. He emphasised the school's pivotal role in championing sustainable business practices and setting a sterling example for others to follow. The collective journey toward a more sustainable future, however, requires collaborative efforts.

With deep appreciation, LBS acknowledges Innovo for its substantial contribution, recognising the indispensable role of such funding in realising a more sustainable world. Innovo's commitment to introducing ground-breaking innovative technologies and creative sustainable practices, which have the potential to upend established industries while also fostering societal well-being, highlights the significance of this investment.

Bishoy Azmy, CEO of Innovo and an alumnus of LBS's EMBA Dubai programme, articulates the company's purpose-driven commitment to sustainability and its acknowledgement of the industry's environmental impact.

Azmy passionately notes that the built environment is accountable for a staggering 40% of global carbon emissions. Innovo, standing at the intersection of privilege and responsibility, aims to redefine this narrative.

Azmy celebrates Innovo's role in fostering positive change and lauds its decision to provide seed funding for LBS's sustainability agenda. In a harmonious convergence of values, Innovo's dedication to leveraging disruptive technologies, pioneering business models, and ingenious design and engineering methodologies aligns seamlessly with LBS's vision. This strategic partnership, bolstered by Innovo's investment, lays the foundation for a future marked by sustainable, resilient spaces, infrastructure, and communities.

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