INFINOX Goes Green in Trading

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INFINOX, a global trading platform, is taking a big step towards environmental responsibility by going completely paperless.

This commitment to sustainability includes partnering with to create eco-friendly digital business cards.

Through this collaboration, INFINOX is planting trees with the help of, a respected reforestation charity. Each digital business card issued will result in a new tree being planted in areas that urgently need it.

These cards represent both INFINOX and's dedication to long-term environmental health. The programme prioritises planting trees in critical areas, connecting everyday business with global conservation efforts. The initiative started successfully in the UK, then Lisbon, and will continue expanding to the UAE and beyond.

“Our move towards digital solutions significantly cuts down our paper use and by extension, our carbon footprint. This new initiative is part of our broader commitment to sustainability,” explained Jay Mawji, CEO at INFINOX. “We are thrilled by the potential environmental impact of our efforts, and we are eager to implement these practices globally.”

INFINOX is also ditching printed brochures. In their place, they will be using innovative PVC bookmarks at the Colombia Money Expo. These bookmarks have barcodes that link directly to INFINOX's digital resources, downloadable apps, and website.

By taking these actions, INFINOX will showcase its environmental commitment at upcoming expo events. This reinforces their position as a leader in sustainable business practices within the global trading sector.

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