Greenomy, SIX Partner on SME Sustainability Assessment

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SIX, a global financial info provider, has rolled out a new solution for its banking clients worldwide.

It helps them measure how sustainable their small and medium-sized (SME) business customers are and understand the climate and sustainability risks tied to their loans. This launch comes after SIX teamed up with Greenomy, an ESG assessment and reporting specialist based in Brussels.

SIX is pushing for more involvement of SMEs in financial markets. With this partnership, SIX and Greenomy recognise how crucial these businesses are for moving towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

The new SME Sustainability Assessment Solution from SIX uses Greenomy's software to help banks quickly check how eco-friendly their SME customers are. It also helps banks figure out if their loan portfolio aligns with EU sustainability rules, making it easier for them to report accurately.

This solution does not just benefit banks; it also encourages SMEs to talk about sustainability. This means banks can help SMEs meet new disclosure standards and improve their sustainability efforts.

SIX's solution aims to save banks time and resources by giving them a one-stop shop for assessing SMEs. It guides banks through the process step by step, making sure they meet EU requirements. It also helps banks make green lending decisions by providing standard metrics.

Marion Leslie, from SIX, stresses how important it is for banks to understand how eco-friendly SMEs are. SMEs make up a big part of the global and EU economy, so banks must support the ones that are doing the right thing for the environment.

Constance d'Aspremont, from Greenomy, lauds the partnership between SIX and Greenomy. They are using SIX's banking know-how and Greenomy's tech to make sustainability reporting easier for SMEs. This shows their commitment to helping businesses and banks adapt to a greener future.

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