GCash Goes Green: New Feature Tracks Carbon Footprint

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KnowESG_GCash Goes Green, New Feature Tracks Carbon Footprint
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GCash, the leading financial app in the Philippines, launched a new update called Green Transaction Alerts.

This lets users see how much carbon they have saved by sending money and making bank transfers digitally.

The Green Transaction Alerts are part of GCash's ongoing commitment to sustainability. In 2019, they partnered with the China Beijing Environmental Exchange to calculate the carbon emissions saved by switching from physical transactions to digital ones. These new alerts use the same calculations, so users can actually see the environmental impact of their digital choices.

“Sustainability is embedded in the way GCash conducts its business, and we’ve provided ways for our users to see how their actions on the app also contribute to environment-friendly actions that ultimately protect our planet and contribute to a greener future,” GCash Sustainability head CJ Alegre said.

Green Transactions, Big Impact

Green Transaction Alerts join other sustainability features already available in the GCash app, like their award-winning GForest programme. Through gamification, GForest lets users contribute to planting trees. Thanks to digital transactions by GCash users, a whopping 2.7 million trees have been planted as of 2024!

"We continue to look for ways to become an even more sustainable company," Alegre continued. "And more importantly, to provide avenues for Filipinos to take action for the planet—and this is only the beginning as will gradually make these alerts available for other transactions in the coming months. Combining the power of tech with innovation and creativity, we hope this will form a habit for Filipinos to consciously act towards creating a positive impact with every simple digital transaction they make."

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