Carbon Collective Launches Financial Literacy Initiative for Sustainable Investing

Published on: 11 August 2022
by KnowESG
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Carbon Collective, an online investment advisor with a primary focus on climate change, announced that it had launched a sustainable investing financial literacy campaign known as Learn to Earn.

Carbon Collective will deposit a $100 bonus into new investment accounts opened on the platform, including brokerage, Roth IRA, and traditional IRA options, for those who read and pass its six-chapter e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Investing, and pass an online quiz testing their knowledge of the book's subjects.

Learn how Earn's purpose is to democratise investment access and increase awareness about the relationship between money and climate change.

Carbon Collective's co-founder and chief investment officer, Zach Stein, said:

"Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. We need to dramatically increase our investments in climate solutions, but access to sustainable investing is often limited. Our goal is to educate investors about the importance of sustainable investing and encourage immediate action by providing a financial incentive to get started.”

To get the $100 bonus, readers must properly answer 15 of the 20 questions on the quiz. Existing account holders are ineligible for the bonus. It is solely applicable to U.S. citizens and residents.

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Investing explains how investments in companies combating climate change are positioned to generate higher long-term profits. Shareholders can alter businesses, which play a crucial role in addressing climate change. The book enables readers to utilise investment as a means of accumulating long-term wealth and as a means of personally combating climate change.

Brooke Tomasetti, director of financial education and community, Carbon Collective, said: 

"We aren't waiting for schools and universities to teach personal finance in class. More education is needed on the basics of investing and the importance of sustainable investing. This powerful combination-finance and sustainability-is key to solving climate change."

Individuals and businesses can purchase sustainable investment portfolios from Carbon Collective. The portfolios are low-cost, highly diversified, and completely divested from fossil fuel businesses. Due to the scarcity of investment opportunities in climate solutions, Carbon Collective compiled a list of 169 companies that are developing climate change solutions.

Source: Businesswire

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