BNM Supporting Decarbonisation Efforts of SMEs Through Greening Value Chain Programme

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by KnowESG
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In conjunction with the Finance Day at COP-27, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), in collaboration with financial institutions and strategic partners, launched the Greening Value Chain (GVC) Programme.

The GVC programme aims to assist Malaysian SMEs in implementing impactful, long-term change to green their operations. This can be achieved through offering technical advice by participating organisations and transition financing from the Low Carbon Transition Fund (LCTF).

The GVC programme employs a blended approach of facilitation, comprising technical training and on-site diagnosis.

BNM Governor Tan Sri Nor Shamsiah said:

“Malaysia is an exporting nation. Many Malaysian SMEs form part of global supply chains that need to adapt to the changing policies of our trade partners to remain resilient and globally competitive.

"This includes addressing value chain emissions to keep pace with the global race towards Net Zero and to prepare for policies that our trading partners may impose. The GVC programme is one step in helping SMEs make this important transition.”

Source: BNM

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