BMW Group Wraps Up €8b Sustainable Credit Deal

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BMW Group

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The BMW Group has successfully finalised a syndicated revolving credit facility (RCF) worth €8.0 billion, spanning five years with two one-year extension options.

The transaction saw participation from 43 esteemed international and regional banks hailing from Europe, America, and Asia. Acting as coordinating bookrunners were BNP Paribas, Citi, and Deutsche Bank replacing the previous €8.0 billion RCF secured in 2017.

For the first time, the BMW Group emphasised its strategic focus on sustainability throughout the syndication process. It provided participating banks with a comprehensive sustainability factsheet, delivering transparent information on the company's progress and goals. In addition, the BMW Group issued questionnaires to lenders, seeking their perspectives on sustainability performance to drive continuous improvements in sustainability communications.

Walter Mertl, Chief Financial Officer of BMW AG, highlighted the company's commitment to sustainability, encompassing economic, ecological, and social aspects. Mertl stated that the BMW Group's sustainability efforts were deeply integrated into its divisions and long-term strategy. The company's activities and progress were transparently presented, emphasising a holistic approach that extended beyond key figures.

During the syndication process, the BMW Group's sustainability experts engaged in exchanges with participating banks, elaborating on the company's strategic direction and sustainable transformation in greater detail.

The syndicated revolving credit line, a standard financing instrument of BMW Group Corporate Finance, ensures short-term liquidity access. Remarkably, the credit line has never been utilised in the company's history.

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Source: BMW Group


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