ADIB's VOLT: Drive Green with Low-Interest Rates

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KnowESG ADIB's VOLT: Drive Green with Low-Interest Rates
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In a stride towards sustainable banking and environmental responsibility, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a prominent Islamic financial institution, has unveiled its groundbreaking Electric Vehicle Finance programme, VOLT.

Coinciding with the celebration of World EV Day, this initiative reflects ADIB's unwavering commitment to promoting sustainability while aligning with the United Arab Emirates' ambitious net-zero economy goals.

One of the programme's remarkable features is its exceptionally low financing rate, set at 1.79%, which stands as the most competitive offering in the industry for new electric vehicles (EVs).

Empowering Sustainable Choices

ADIB's Electric Vehicle Finance programme not only boasts an industry-leading financing rate but also grants customers the flexibility to secure financing up to AED 1 million, accommodating a wide range of automotive preferences. This empowering approach encourages eco-conscious choices, allowing individuals to embark on their electric vehicle journey while reaping the benefits of ADIB's support.

Amit Malhotra, the Global Head of Retail Banking at ADIB, expressed the bank's enthusiasm for the initiative, saying, "We take immense pride in introducing VOLT—ADIB's Electric Vehicle Finance programme, featuring competitive rates that enable customers to embrace electric vehicles.

"VOLT signifies more than just financing; it symbolises the bank's unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. By choosing ADIB for their car financing needs, customers actively contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the transition toward a greener, more sustainable future."

Driving Sustainability with ESG Commitment

In response to the growing global interest in electric vehicles and as an integral part of ADIB's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitment, the Electric Vehicle Finance programme has been meticulously designed to encourage consumers to shrink their carbon footprint by making electric vehicle ownership financially accessible.

Electric vehicles have seized the world's attention due to their potential environmental benefits, emitting up to 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions throughout their lifecycle compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This reduction in emissions plays a pivotal role in combating climate change.

ADIB's Sustainability Agenda

"VOLT" car finance represents one of the many initiatives ADIB has undertaken in pursuit of sustainable development. The bank proudly proclaims its financing of over $1.7 billion in green and sustainable finance, further accelerating its sustainability agenda by aiding customers in integrating sustainable business practices into their overall business strategy.

For comprehensive details about this groundbreaking program, please visit ADIB's official website at

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Source: ADIB


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