ADB's $101M for Water & Sanitation Reforms

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The African Development Fund has given its approval for a remarkable initiative, the Rwanda Sustainable and Resilient Water and Sanitation Programme.

This policy-based operation, supported by a loan of $101 million, is aimed at bolstering Rwanda's water and sanitation sector.

The primary objective of the programme is to enhance water and sanitation governance while ensuring better accessibility to basic water supply and sanitation services. Moreover, it seeks to fortify the legal, policy, institutional, and regulatory frameworks necessary for delivering these fundamental amenities.

During the Board meeting, Osward Chanda, the Bank's Director for Water Development and Sanitation, emphasised the programme's positive impact, stating that it will benefit over 13.2 million people in Rwanda by providing sustainable access to safe water and sanitation services.

Furthermore, the programme will actively contribute to water resource management, policy reforms, and improved governance within the sector.

Beginning this year and spanning until 2026, the Rwanda Sustainable and Resilient Water and Sanitation Programme will be implemented by various entities, including Rwanda's Ministries of Finance and Economic Planning, Infrastructure and Environment, Water and Sanitation Corporation Limited, Rwanda Water Resources Board, and the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority.

The programme, which the Bank's Water Development and Sanitation Department recently supported, is in line with the Bank's long-term goal for Rwanda, which is to help the nation reach middle-income status by 2035, as stated in its Vision 2050.

This programme perfectly complements the Bank's Country Strategy 2022-2026 for Rwanda and its Ten-Year Strategy (2013-2022, extended to June 2023) for fostering inclusive growth and transitioning towards sustainable, green development.

By contributing to the Bank's High 5s priority areas—namely, improving the quality of life for Africa's people, ensuring food security, and promoting industrialisation—the Rwanda Sustainable and Resilient Water and Sanitation Programme demonstrates the Bank's commitment to Africa's holistic progress.

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Source: African Development Bank


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