Woodspin Gets Certified for Sustainable Sourcing

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Woodspin, the sole producer of SPINNOVA® wood-based fibre, has earned FSC® Chain of Custody certification.

This verifies that the wood they use can be tracked from its origin to the final product, ensuring customers that their materials are sustainably sourced.

Woodspin is a joint venture between Suzano, a major hardwood pulp producer, and Spinnova, a Finnish materials technology company. Suzano grows eucalyptus trees responsibly on farms in Brazil, setting aside substantial areas for permanent conservation.

FSC® Certification: A Mark of Responsible Forestry

FSC® is a respected global standard for sustainable forest management. It ensures forests are managed to protect plant and animal life, benefit local communities, and remain economically viable.

Woodspin's Sustainable SPINNOVA® Fibre

Woodspin's unique SPINNOVA® fibre is produced without harmful chemicals or pollution. Compared to cotton, it has a much lower carbon footprint and significantly less water usage. By using only Suzano's eucalyptus materials, Woodspin guarantees complete traceability, upholding zero deforestation and ethical practices.

Transparency and Commitment from Woodspin

Jari Aittakari, Sales Director at Woodspin, said:

“Consumers and stakeholders at every stage of the textiles value chain deserve to know the origin of the products they buy, that these have been ethically produced, and that the materials used to make them have been sustainably sourced.

"We recognize that the demand for supply chain transparency is increasing. This FSC®certification demonstrates to our partners – be that brands or producers – that Woodspin’s SPINNOVA® fibre is produced to the highest standard, from farm to fibre, without compromise”

FSC® Applauds Woodspin's Achievement

Fabian Farkas, Chief Markets Officer at FSC® International, sees Woodspin's certification as a major step forward. "As innovation pushes boundaries in forestry, key players are recognizing FSC® as the answer for responsible sourcing," he says. "Woodspin's achievement is a significant milestone, paving the way for more sustainable and scalable textile production, ultimately leading to a fossil fuel-free future."

This certification comes after Woodspin opened its first production facility in Finland in 2023. The plant makes biodegradable textiles with a natural feel, using Spinnova's zero-waste technology. Even the byproduct, excess heat, is recycled and used in a local heating system.

Major fashion brands like adidas and Bestseller are already using Woodspin's eco-friendly SPINNOVA® fibre.

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