Wienerberger Tops Sustainability Charts

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Wienerberger has once again received top ratings from leading global ESG rating agencies for its dedication to sustainability and progress in environmental and social areas.

Strong Performance in Climate Action

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) awarded Wienerberger a "B" rating, placing them in the second-highest tier for coordinated action on climate change.

Top Recognition from Leading Agencies

  • MSCI: Wienerberger received the agency's highest ESG rating, "AAA," for the eighth consecutive year.

  • Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS ESG): Wienerberger achieved a "Prime" ESG rating, placing them in the top 10% of building materials companies (awarded since 2013).

  • EcoVadis: Ranked Wienerberger in the top 1% of their industry sector with a Platinum medal.

  • Sustainalytics: Rated Wienerberger as "Low Risk" regarding potential financial impacts from ESG factors.

CEO Statement

Heimo Scheuch, Wienerberger CEO, said, "Sustainability has always been a central and very important part of the wienerberger strategy, which is reflected in our external recognitions and ratings. These scores confirm that transparency, consistency, and ambition can lead to real transformation and positive impacts on our planet and that we have taken the right steps.

"Through more innovative and ecological solutions for new build, renovation and infrastructure in water and energy management as well as our work in social issues, we continue our efforts to improve people’s quality of life and to ensure that future generations have the same opportunities as we have today."

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Wienerberger updates their sustainability programme every three years, setting concrete goals and action plans. Building upon the achievements of their 2023 programme, they have extended and strengthened their 2026 programme, focusing on:

  • Reduced Emissions: Further decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Circular Economy: Increase the use of recycled materials and develop fully recyclable products.

  • Water and Waste Management: Implement new targets for responsible resource management.

  • Climate-Neutral Construction: Aim for 75% of revenue to come from building systems promoting energy-efficient structures by 2026.

  • Social Responsibility: Promote diversity and inclusion within the company.

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