UNFI's Impact Report: Progress for People & Planet

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United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) recently shared its 13th annual Better for All Report, updating everyone on the company's efforts in social, environmental, and governance areas up to July 29, 2023.

The report focuses on how UNFI is making positive changes in safety, well-being, waste reduction, climate, sourcing, and community involvement. It's not just about doing good for the planet and society; these efforts are also making UNFI a better business for everyone involved.

UNFI's plan, Better for All, is about connecting the dots in the food system. They want to link farmers, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in a way that benefits everyone.

Sandy Douglas, the CEO of UNFI, said the company's commitment to creating a sustainable and valuable business. In the fiscal year 2023, UNFI did things like setting responsible sourcing policies, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, installing solar panels, and reducing waste in its distribution centres.

Throughout the year, UNFI achieved some important goals:

  • They made formal policies to support zero-deforestation and better animal welfare in line with their Supplier and Vendor Code of Conduct.

  • They installed big solar panels in New Jersey and plan to do the same in California, saving money and helping the environment.

  • UNFI started the Climate Action Partnership to encourage suppliers to commit to fighting climate change and work together on solutions.

  • They kept their promise to diversity, equity, and inclusion by offering more programmes and building a diverse and strong team.

  • UNFI made a plan for zero-emission vehicles in California, making things cheaper and air cleaner.

  • They improved lighting in all distribution centres, making them safer and reducing pollution.

  • A new system helped them manage waste better, making their distribution centres more efficient.

UNFI also supported a programme called "Acres: Cultivating Equity in Black Agriculture," aiming to build better relationships with high-quality producers. Looking ahead to 2024, Mr. Douglas is hopeful about more progress in sustainability and efficiency.

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Source: UNFI


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