UBS Launches US Version of Climate Aware Equity Index

Published on: 22 July 2022 01:40 PM
by KnowESG
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UBS announced the launch of the US version of the UBS Climate Aware Equity Index, which is a rules-based strategy that aims to provide investment exposure to the long-term theme of transitioning to a low carbon and climate resilient economy.

The index aims to serve the increasing demand for investment and retirement products that not only help investors achieve their investment goals but also help mitigate climate-related risks in their portfolios and capture environmental objectives within the investment philosophy.

Featured by Global Atlantic in a registered index-linked annuity (RILA), the UBS Climate Aware Equity Index is a pioneering climate-focused index in the US RILA market. The index includes equity securities of large and medium-sized US companies while tilting the allocation towards companies that are expected to be successful in a low-carbon economy.

The Index applies a systematic, rules-based approach to select and weight Index constituents based on climate scores. Current and forward-looking data are used to assess a company’s carbon footprint and gauge its forward-looking carbon emissions profile. UBS Climate Aware Equity Index scoring aims to consider key risks and opportunities related to climate change using six climate scores: carbon emission, coal energy, fossil fuel reserves, renewable energy, emissions trajectories, and severe weather events.

“Registered index-linked annuities are the fastest growing category of retirement products,” said Rob Arena, Co-President and Head of Individual Markets at Global Atlantic, in a press release. “The inclusion of climate-focused index options within RILAs can be a meaningful way for environmentally-conscious clients to link their savings strategy with sustainability principles and values.”

The Index is maintained by a third-party benchmark administrator and uses ESG scoring information provided by a recognised market data provider.

Source: Environmental Leader

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