Three Biomass Projects in Wales Get Financing from UK Government

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According to BEIS, the UK government provides financial support for three biomass projects in Wales to increase domestic renewable energy. The government said three Welsh projects had received up to £2.5 million in funding to boost sustainable biomass production and create new methods for producing hydrogen from waste and biomass.

The "miscanspeed" project at Aberystwyth University, which aims to speed up the growth of miscanthus (elephant grass)—a grass species suitable for biomass usage—has been awarded more than £2 million in funding.

The investment is a portion of the £32 million made available under phase two of the Biomass Feedstocks Innovation programme, which aims to boost biomass production in the UK so that more low-carbon energy, such as biofuels and aviation fuels, may be produced.

Biomass produced 12.6% of the nation's electricity in the UK in 2020.

While the Hydrogen BECCS program's first phase awarded £246,568 to Compact Syngas Solutions in Deeside. The project investigates the use of biogenic feedstock for the synthesis of CO2 and hydrogen.

The University of South Wales also earned $238,858 through the same programme for its BIOHYGAS project, which would use sewage waste to create CO2 and hydrogen.

The BECCS (BioEnergy with Carbon Capture and Storage) program's first phase will invest £5 million in technologies that make hydrogen from waste and biomass.

It is thought that advancements in technology would make it possible to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, since carbon dioxide that is absorbed during the growth of sustainable plant material and organic material found in the garbage may be captured using carbon capture devices.

Managing director of Compact Syngas Solutions, Paul Willacy, said: 

"We are delighted to have been successful in obtaining government funding for our Hydrogen BECCS Innovation project. The ability to capture and store the carbon from our gasification process whilst making hydrogen takes us one step closer to producing cleaner and greener hydrogen and supporting the drive to Net Zero."

Energy Minister Greg Hands said: 

"Wales has a key role to play as we accelerate renewables like biomass to end our dependency on fossil fuels and boost our energy independence.

This £2.5m UK government investment will support biomass innovation in Wales, boosting jobs and investment and ensuring we have the homegrown supply we need to support our future green energy mix."

Source: BusinessLive

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