The LYCRA Company Reports on 2030 Sustainability Goals

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The LYCRA Company, a global frontrunner in pioneering durable, eco-conscious, and inventive fibre and technology solutions for the fashion and personal care sectors, has unveiled its second annual Planet Agenda Update and a condensed Global Sustainability Scorecard for the fiscal year 2022.

These publications provide a comprehensive account of the company's advancements toward realising its 2030 sustainability objectives, as originally introduced in the previous year's release. You can access these insightful documents by visiting

Planet Agenda stands as The LYCRA Company's sustainability framework, a holistic approach that permeates every facet of its operations, grounded in three fundamental pillars: product sustainability, manufacturing excellence, and corporate responsibility.

The sustainability targets elucidated in these documents are structured around these pillars, aligning seamlessly with five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This update meticulously tracks the performance in 2022 toward the 2030 objectives.

Steve Stewart, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer emphasised, "Planet Agenda steers our evolution as we strive to contribute to the sustainability of the fashion and personal care sectors by delivering products that enhance value and conserve resources across the entire value chain. We take immense pride in the strides we've made in pursuit of our 2030 goals. Yet, we remain cognisant of the considerable challenges that confront our industry. Meeting these challenges necessitates collaborative efforts with our customers, suppliers, and third-party partners."

Key highlights from the 2022 Planet Agenda Update include breakthroughs in sustainable fashion products boasting durability advantages and incorporating recycled and renewable materials.

Additionally, a noteworthy reduction in greenhouse gas emissions was achieved, partially attributed to the company's Maydown, Northern Ireland site's transition to renewable energy sources through Energy Attribution Certificates (EACs).

Furthermore, three manufacturing facilities achieved third-party validated top-tier performance in the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM), with two facilities attaining similar recognition in the Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM).

Jean Hegedus, Director of Sustainable Business Development at The LYCRA Company, emphasised the collaborative spirit of Planet Agenda, stating, "We view Planet Agenda as a collective journey, undertaken alongside our customers and partners, united by the conviction that a flourishing business can only thrive in a thriving world. Our legacy of cooperation with customers and third parties, coupled with the pressing need for industry-wide collaboration to meet our shared objectives, inspired the overarching theme of the 2022 Planet Agenda Update: Together, we go further."

To access a copy of the 2022 Planet Agenda Update or the 2022 Global Sustainability Scorecard, please visit

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Source: The Lycra Company


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